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Vintage Button Bracelets & Other Delights

My previous website.  I am transferring all of it to his website.


Kitty Girl Vintage

 This site features "vintage men's and woman's clothing, shoes and accessories...
 plastic jewelry & fashions from the 30's 40's & 50's (mostly)."


California State Button Society

A tremendous resource for Button Collectors, including information on Membership, their Newsletter, Conferences, Local Button Clubs and more.


Davenport & Co. Fine Vintage Clothing

This site offers a wonderful selection of vintage clothing & accessories, as well as vintage home & fashion magazines, and much more.


The Cat's Pajamas

The premier source on the web for vintage clothing, accessories and more!   


The Beading Business Web Ring

This Beading Business site is owned by 

Sharon Fingleton

Want to join 
The Beading Business Ring?

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The Internet Art Database
Gathering of Nations NativeAmerican Powwow Website
22 Main St.
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